Does this Content Make My Brain Look Fat?

In 2013, content is still the rage on blogs, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Linkedin, and that’s good news! The best content will always rise to the top and the best content is still the content that is narrative driven and engaging.

By having the great blessing of having been a journalist for over 15 years and then a PR media, content strategist and coach I can tell you I’ve looked at “the Web from both sides now”, and the best the Web has to offer you is the gift of content visibility. If you’re having trouble writing…

Your Mother Doesn’t Pitch Here Anymore

If you’re still operating on the misguided notion that social media is not here to stay, or even worse, that it is not a viable option for PR pitching, then step away from this chapter and by all means go back to playing with your mint condition Atari Pong Game.

If however, you do understand that social media is vibrant, ever-increasing and valuable then keep reading! Continue Reading →

Book Lovers Abound Online – Use these Resources

The Web is an incredible tool for authors and PR people to use in finding new book lovers to pitch books too. While one can spend thousands of hours searching for new book blogs and book reviewers – there are also free tools that are available to you and that we encourage all our authors to utilize. It’s very important that authors stay empowered in working collaboratively with their PR firm so that no opportunities are missed.

The Media Should Know What You Know

If you’re an author, whether you are working with a publicist or without a publicist, it’s very important to keep in mind that part of your success is being able to answer the who, what, why, when and how for the media and its listener base.

We’re all curious about the latest trend, breaking news, new innovations, interesting and unique people or products, and the media is exactly the same way.   Imagine if you can help create a new trend with your book or ideas.  Imagine giving the media a brand new angle for coverage of a saturated topic. Continue Reading →

Kiss Your Publicist Goodbye and Blog Your Way To Media Coverage

Stop waiting for your PR firm to make news for you. Use your blog and do it yourself. Here are three ways you can use your blog to get the media to pick up the content. (Caution: PR spoilers included in this post!!!)


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